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West of Conwy Mountain Bike Map

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The map is A4 in size and printed on both sides. On one side is the mountain bike map and on the second side are the text descriptions of the suggested routes.

The area is not recommended for beginners or families. The riding is challenging in terms of the amount of climbing required and there are some tricky off road sections which beginners may struggle with.

The views are often of mountains and sea - a great mixture providing a dramatic backdrop to the ride. Climbs and descents to leave you tired and exhilarated. The tracks are generally good quality and hold up well in wet - though be prepared for biking through puddles on the roman road and a bit heavier going on the grassy trails.

All the off roads in the area are shown and includes surface descriptions, technical gradings, indicatoes for how tough the hill climbs are, spot heights along the trails and useful features such as gates, pubs and cafes.


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The main mountain bike route shown on the map

Dance to the Drum 42 km / 26 miles

The ride starts on lanes that become narrower and narrower and soon have you sweating as you climb up to the first off road descent - it starts easy then steepens into a stony and watery trail - a good technical test. The trail is drier near the bottom but just as testing and rewarding.

More road brings you to the toughest climb of the day up to Rown Youth Hostel (and it's on road!). Think you can do it, then think again! - now there's a challenge!
A gradual climb on a track, a bit of more road and then you are on a fine Roman Road with sea views to the right (though spoiled somewhat by a line of electricity pylons) and mountains to the left.

To climb Drum you need to be able to do a steady spin with the occasional thrust to get over some loose stones. Stops to take photos will help too! From the top there follows an incredible descent towards Llanfairfechan. Watch out for pinch punctures on the stony first half, then it's a grassy delight with big sea views ahead. So good that you'll be dreaming about this one for a long time afterwards!

Narrow lanes connect you to the next off road section which will take you all the way to the Sychnant Pass. It starts with a climb - have a breather to look at the sea views behind you. You then weave your way across the top, over moors and a fun descent to the pass. You can finish by heading back to the car park from here. However, if you have energy in you legs there is another great descent which sends you careering into Conwy.
It's now back to the start, all on road, a bit of a pull in places just to make sure you've used up that last bit of energy you were holding back in reserve!

There are a couple of variations to shorten the route by up to about 10km.




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