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White Peak Mountain Biking: The Pure Trails

White Peak District Mountain Biking Routes Guide

This is the second edition of one our most best selling guidebooks and it's now even better: fully revised, more routes and Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps.

24 routes on technical limestone descents, twisty woodland singletrack, easy cyclepaths, green fields and through pretty villages. Distance to suit all, from 6 miles to 28 miles. Explore Bakewell and Matlock, Macclesfield Forest and Buxton, and nip into the Dark Peak in the Hope Valley.

The White Peak is the southern half of The Peak District. It is great for mountain biking packed with excellent trails, and picturesque scenery.

See map below for information on all the routes.

Happy riding!

See below for route details

Book Details:
ISBN 978-1910240052
July 2014
Written by Jon Barton.
Vertebrate Publishing
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The Mountain Biking Routes

Map showing the approximate recommended starting points for each route as indicated in the book.
Click on a marker for route information.

In the guide each route includes a map with the route highlighted and clear text directions.

Summary of the routes:

Route 1. The Quarry Trail

Route Grade: easy. Distance: 10.5km

An ideal introduction to mountain biking and a great night route. This short route gives a flavour for everything the Peak stands for. Essentially a circuit of several huge quarries it also takes in the village of Eyam, the rough and tumble of proper mountain biking on Middleton Moor and of course mineral and limestone workings galore.

Route 2. Shilto Woods

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 14km

A fantastic little ride that features a bucket-load of singletrack, a tough climb and on ef the best trails in the White Peak. Easy to extend north or south if wanting more.

Route 3. Ashover Singletrack Special

Route Grade: medium. Distance 13km

A fantastic mountain bike route, mainly singletrack with some good descents and one of the hardest climbs in this guide.

Route 4. Dark & White

Route Grade: medium. Distance 13.75km

From Hope the route heads up Edale before climbing the rocky lane on the side of Win Hill. A great descent down to Aston, across the valley to Brough, rocky climb then descent to Bradwell and cooling down run in to Hope.

Route 5. Grangemill

Route Grade: easy. Distance: 17km

A good mountain bike circuit to do when all the rest of the Peak is sitting under a veil of mud. Plenty of fast sections. This circuit is a good winter trip or indeed a good beginners route.

Route 6. Bakewell Circuit

Route Grade: hard. Distance: 17km

This route has been designed to be as close to the perfect mini enduro lap as we could make it. Ideal for the newcomer who wants to know what all the fuss is about or for the seasoned pro wanting an excellent spin out.

Route 7. Middleton Circuit

Route Grade: easy. Distance: 17.5km

Warming on a quiet lane then dropping to Long Dale, up then down to Middleton. Good fast lanes, well-surfaced disused railways with enough hills to keep the legs interested.

Route 8. Linacre North

Route Grade: hard. Distance: 23km

Plenty of singletrack and mud in the off-season makes this a 'love or hate it' ride depending on the conditions. Combine with Holymoorside (see lower down) for a full day out.


Route 9. Calver Circuit

Route Grade: easy/medium. Distance: 20km

Starting off with a wonderful fast chug over crag and moor the route heads to Baslow Edge, superb singletrack then road to Calver. More climbing, traversing on a great mix of terrain and a good warm down back to the finish.

Route 10. Eastern Moors Tour

Route Grade: easy/medium. Distance: 20km

A fairly zippy ride passing over lovely moorland and along the gritstone trail above Cubar and Froggatt Edges.

Route 11. Cheedale Wye Valley

Route Grade: medium/hard. Distance: 21.5km

This bike route packs in a huge amount of quality singletrack, great up and downs. Despite chunks being on the Pennine Bridleway this route is essential hardcore riding.

Route 12. Great Longstone

Route Grade: easy/medium. Distance: 18km

A short mountain bike route giving great flavour of the White Peak and can even be attempted in wet winter months. Great views, lovely trails and rocky descents.

Route 13. Cromford Circuit

Route Grade: easy/medium. Distance: 21km

A bit different from the other routes this one is in the guide because its a great tour traversing a part of the world few mountain bikers get to.

Route 14. Buxton and the Goyt Valley

Route Grade: easy/medium. Distance: 25km + optional loop of 15km

A superb scenic excursion into the gritstone hills of the 'honarary Dark Peak' around Buxton. An optional loop toward Macclesfield Forest adds more than a little spice.

Route 15. Holymoorside

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 21km

A fantastic technical mountain biking route with good stretches of challenging singletrack linked by pleasant stretches of track and lane.

Route 16. Bakewell Slice

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 25km

You don't get more White Peak than Bakewell, and you don't get much more White Peak than this ride. Pretty villages and grassy fields circled by limestone walls. Woodland singletrack, limestone chatter and wide descents.

Route 17. Manifold Valley

Route Grade: easy/medium. Distance: 24.5km

A good high-speed romp across stunning Peak District landscape. Split into thirds of good quality singletrack, quiet lanes and tracks & paved cycleway. Grade hard. Distance: 24.5km Route 15. South Buxton Circuit
This mountain bike route includes a coupe of extreme descents - by far the toughest in the area - while great challenges, they are quite short and easily walked down by the sane.

Route 18. Gradbach

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 26km

Tucked away in the bottom left corner of the Peak this area feels more Dark than White - gritstone edges, sandy trails and moorland replacing the usual green fields and woodland.

Route 19. South Buxton

Route Grade: medium/hard. Distance: 15km or 26km options

Another corner of the Peaks that rarely sees the mountain bike masses, yet it is riddled with great trails all the same. As part of our main ride we have included a couple of extreme descents - by far the toughest in the area. We've also suggested a shorter easier option which misses out the carnage yet still allows you to explore the area.


Route 20. Macclesfield Forest Classic

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 23km

A varied mountain bike loop in stunning scenery. Hard on the legs. A good winter route as a lot of it is on hardpack forest paths and tarmac.

Route 21. Five Dales Circuit

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 36km

Long, hard and varied route taking in all that the heart of the White Peak has to offer. In and out of dale after dale, super fast descents, some singletrack climbs or hard tarmac slogs or honest farm tracks. A brilliant route and one of the best in the book.

Route 22. Linacre Classic

Route Grade: medium. Distance: 35km

Two things stand out about this excellent circuit, firstly there seems to be a lot more down than up - and second it has the lowest gates per kilometre of any ride in the Peak.

Route 23. Hope Valley Circuit

Route Grade: mediuam/hard. Distance: 45km

Strictly speaking this is mostly on the Dark Peak map, but a good proportion is on the 'White Stuff'.
A big loop around Hope Valley taking in tough climbs, fantastic descents plus a smidge of tarmac. A contender for one of the best enduro style rides in the UK.

Route 24. Rowsley Circuit

Route Grade: extreme. Distance: 38.5km

A big old circle of mountain biking fun. Plenty of ups, downs, singletrack and while challenging is a good introduction to longer routes.


Family Rides

A brief description of what the following have to offer including parking, useful tel numbers. Does not include route descriptions or map but gives info on maps that are available (eg free one for the Carsington Water, 50p for the Monsal). As the routes are either on disused railways, around a lake, on well marked bridleways, you'd do well to get lost!

Carsington Water

13 km around the reservoir.

High Peak Trail

Up to 28km each way.

Monsal Trail

Up to 8km each way

Tissington Trail

Up to 21km each way

Pennine Bridleway

Up to 560km each way ! Hardcore Descents

Hollinsclough Descents

Several fast downhills characterised by big drop rock steps. Route Grade: double extreme

Top Downhills

A list of eight top descents. Burning brakes and racing pulses! Top Hill Climbs A test of how good you are on roots, mud, slippery limestone, all three at once!

A list of top climbs and top singletracks.


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