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Peak District: Around Hayfield
Mountain Bike Map

A fantastic assortment of downhills from long a flowing to short and technical. And plent of climbs to test your fitness!

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Hayfield Mountain Bike Map

Map location
Hayfield Location

A wonderful mountain biking area around Hayfield, Rowarth and Chinley Churn.

The main characteristics of this area:

Suitable mainly for experienced and intermediate mountain bikers. However beginners will also find the area rewarding and can use the map to avoid sections that are too difficult.

The area borders with the Mellor maps and the Edale Hayfield Castleton Map.

The publication is A4 (210 x 297mm) in size and is printed on extremely tough, waterproof paper.

On one side is the map and on the other side are text descriptions of the suggested routes plus miscellaneous information.

The Mountain Bike Routes

The bike map shows all the off roads in the area with surface descriptions, technical gradings, uphill indicators, spot heights and useful features such as gates, cafes and pub locations.

Three mountain bike routes are highlighted on the map. They are aimed at intermediate to experienced mountain bikers. If you a are a reasonably fit beginner then we would recommend that you use the map to adapt the routes to avoid the technical sections and maybe shorten as required.

hayfield route photo


Edale Hayfield Loop

16 miles

A classic Peak District mountain bike route that takes in Jacob's Ladder, Roych Clough and Rushup Edge and skirting Mount Famine and Mam Tor. It involves a lot of climbing, and will test your mountain biking skills. The route is good in both directions. For adrenaline junkies then taking on the route clockwise - to go down Jacobs Ladder and also down the rock steps of Rushup Edge should be considered. For most others there's enough buzz anti-clockwise.

Crank it Up

15 miles

A great selection of downhills. This ride is a bit of an oddity in that there seems to be more downhills than uphills! However as you'd expect you don't get something for nothing. You get a mile warm up before there's sweat dripping off your nose as you work your way up Chinley Churn. A lovely grassy descent, followed by a short section of singletrack, followed by a technical steep rutted grass descent that brings you to a grass path that leads to Peep O'Day. Then it's soon time to test your brakes again on a track descent that carries on on tarmac to bring you along a valley for the steepest climb of the day, unless you are superhuman this will probably involve about 15 minutes of walking. This is soon forgotten as you progress over the moor and then a truly wonderful flowing descent that should have you bouncing with joy. It's not over yet as a bit of tarmac joins you to another track which after a bit more work gives you a final flying lunge back to lane which winds nicely back to the finish.

Saddle Sore

18 miles

Up to the heights of South Head before a 700 feet downhill blast. Skirt Chinley Churn, or use the map to take in an extra uphill and downhill, then you're soon pulling into Birch Vale and possibly for refuelling at the cafe. Then off towards Rowarth and the most technical descent of the day, then onto a bridleway over the moors, shortly followed by some sweet singletrack in the heather. A mixture of gritty tracks, grassy sections and a fast descent followed by a short last leg on a lane will bring you back to the finish. A very varied mountain bike ride that should leave you tired & satisfied at the finish.

Spoke to Soon

14 miles

A mile warm up and then you're faced with a mighty climb. All rideable if fit enough, though that won't stop your legs gradually turning to jelly as you approach the top. A quick breather and then you've soon a challenging steep downhill. A short section of tarmac then links to a lovely singletrack descent. Now all that height you have just lost you are about to make up. Out on a lane to get your poise back. Start to climb , nothing to drastic, until you take a left turn for some proper climbing. A short section of relief and then your off-road climbing again. A short section might have you walking but grit your teeth and you'll soon be on your way again. A short hairy downhill then leads to a fast cindery drive before you have an easy climb to more downhill. Still you are not finished - but you have only two more uphills left - OK none easy and quickly forgotten by two lovely downhills, one a long grassy swoosh and the other a fitting finale that throws a good assortment of surfaces at you to take you back to Hayfield.

Hayfield MTB Map Extract


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